Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Tips 101 for Holiday 2011

Hi Pilgrims and welcome to Thanksgiving Tips 101 for Holiday 2011. The feature for singles and others whose familiarity with their kitchen may be just slightly lower than their familiarity with the International Space Station.

So you've decided, for reasons known only to yourself, to cook dinner at home this Thanksgiving? Over the next few short weeks we will guide you, step by step, through the bare essentials you will need to make this happen.

Realizing that you are probably still dazed and somewhat confused over arriving at this milestone in life we will begin ever so slowly, gently easing you into the full magnitude of your undertaking. And so, without further ado, (and I suggest you take copious notes):

Step 1 - Find your oven.
a.This is usually a large metallic box with dials, buttons and some kind of clock or timing device. Advanced readers may already suspect we are not talking about the microwave. The rest of you - DON"T PANIC! In a worst case scenario we can help you find your oven
b. Use the process of elimination* (ie; it's not your refrigerator; it's not your dishwasher, etc). which, though time consuming, is usually fool proof.
c. As a last resort call 911 and report your oven has been stolen. Your local police will be more than happy to serve and protect as well as point out if you have overlooked it.

Next up: Turning the oven on! (warning - please don't start with out us; turning the oven off is equally as important.)

*we call this POE and will be referring to it often throughout the month.

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