Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Beginning To See A Lot Less Excess

I'm Beginning To See A Lot Less Excess (to the tune of  Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.)
With apologies to Meredith Wilson
I'm beginning to see a lot less excess
everywhere I go
The economy’s in the tank,
no money left in the bank

with bills unpaid and income getting low.
Still at Christmas we see a lot of excess;
Ads from every store
But the scariest sight to see is a foreclosure notice
hanging on your old front door.

I’m beginning to see a lot less excess
Hear the sales folk beg
go to shop for a children's book, they’ll convince you to buy a Nook
or a Kindle that will cost an arm and leg

Ostrich cowboy boots (full quill)
and a Cadillac De Ville
used to be
 for Britnee and Sven
Botox to puff and implants to stuff
was the hope of Baxter and G’wen ;
And Mom and Dad once wished they had a new spa and den.

But were seeing the end to all this excess
Everyone will know;
There's a guy washing out his socks, living in a cardboard box ,
The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow.
Yes, there’s bound to be an end to excess;
when the market dives
And the thing that will really be stinging
is the new tune you'll be singing for
your supper just to stay alive

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