Thursday, August 11, 2011

Film Review Spotlight: Harry Potter

From what I gather as a keen observer of Pop Coutre', The Harry Potter phenomenon began about 14 years ago as a series of gatherings for young people at bookstores. They were mostly at risk and delinquent children who were too wrapped up in fantasy games to attend their classes and were generally wandering the streets all hours of the night trading something known at the time as Pokemon cards for food and M rated video games. They came to recognize each other by their characteristic outfits: wizard robes, large round spectacles, magic wands and special dice with way too many dots. The idea behind the bookstore events was to attract them to a safe location where they could be weened off fantasy with coffee, tea, biscotti and People Magazine.  
The Deathly Hallows Part Two is the 20th or so film in the series which began at the turn of the Century as low budget, Bollywood productions. The cast changed with each film and, eventually all the original Bollywood cast was replaced with English speaking actors except the guy Tran, who plays the Cowardly Lion, is Thai. I may have that name wrong; I got a bunch of my review notes mixed up. Originally I chose to see this because I thought it was all about The Colonel from M.A.S.H.. Boy, was I disappointed.  Supposedly this will be the last film in the series until the reboot and if you haven't seen any of them I suggest you start here. There doesn't seem to be any real connection between the plot lines of each film so it is fairly easy to understand what is going on.
One Spoiler alert: I didn't stay for the end of the film so I really don't know how it ends. The theater was crowded with a lot of noisy, unruly people and their children so I wanted to get out of the parking lot quickly. Besides, there was a really good show on The History Channel that night. Anyway, it doesn't really matter because I heard that a Prequel to the Harry Potter series is filming as we speak. It is tentatively called The Hobbit: There and Back Again.
Incidentally, DO NOT be fooled by the Harry Potter books by JRR Rolking; I'm told they are weak novelizations that miss all the details and sub plots found in the original films and were written only to cash in on their success. Instead, wait for the graphic novels which will no doubt be awesome.See you at the snack bar!

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