Tuesday, July 26, 2011

those were the days

Dear diary,

I was fine all day until just a short while ago when I was reminded of  what day it is. Tuesday. But, more significantly it is July 26th, Mick Jaggar's Birthday. I mean no slight to Mick  (or, as I knew him: Mik) that he most likely would not remember the first time I saw him. It was on my parent's old Sylvania TV with Halo Vision.
I forget what program he was on with his band of musicians who called themselves The Rolling Stones. You  may be surprised to know that the first thing that struck me about Mick was his lips. He had two of them and he would purse them as he postured and sang one of their electrified versions of an American Rhythm and Blues song. I wonder now as my mind drifts back to those seminal days of cultural awakening: what ever happened to that TV?

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Bog's Blob said...

and maybe even more importantly - whatever became of my parents?