Monday, August 13, 2012

live and learn

Dear Darlene,

I was wrong. It has become increasingly apparent that I can live without you after all. Please return my jar of depilatory and my autographed copy of Mickey Rooney's memoirs. 



ps: I have neither forgiven, nor forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stan,
That's Mick"E"y Rooney's Memoirs. Like the mouse.

Love Always,


PS: Sorry, the dipilatory is gone. A girl's gotta keep a stiff upper lip, ya know!

Bog's Blob said...

Thanks, Darlene. You've always known how to make me smile. Keep the jar.
PS it's depilatory, with an "E", like Mickey.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, Stan. You know how I loves me those jars of depilatorEE!

Bog's Blob said...

I have made the suggested correction,
thanks to Darlene's sharp editorial eye.