Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Movies We'll Never See

The Christmas Treasure

A rich, jaded entertainment lawyer from California finds himself stranded in rural Kentucky where he is given shelter and solace by a poor but proud backwoods family. Observing their simple honest ways he begins to understand the good Christian values of their life.

A week before Christmas, their young son who, due to a hereditary illness is going blind, falls into a previously forgotten well. The lawyer risks his life and misses an important business meeting in order to save the boy's life. As a result of the rescue efforts, he becomes privy to secret information that this well taps into the waters of the freshest and most abundant spring within a thousand miles.

He conspires with a local, crooked, real estate banker to have them evicted and, two days before Christmas he buys the land for pennies on the dollar. The family becomes homeless; their son loses his sight in a charity hospital; and the lawyer resells the land to Proctor and Gamble for a cool $700 Million profit and retires to South America.
Sponsored by the new bottled water Kentucky Fresh from P&G.

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